Semi Permanent Make-Up

Over 12 years experience, Semi-permanent make-up has come a long way, from microblading or nano needle natural hair-strokes to a bolder or natural ombre brow we have it all! 

Micro-blading is a form of semi-permanent make-up, we use a state of the art hand tool to implant pigment into the dermal layer of the skin which will last approx 9-14 months before needing a colour boost to keep the colour and shape of the brows. 

The micro-blading technique will create super fine hairstrokes by hand,  the pigment is applied to the channels that have been created by the microblading tool. 

The colour will look approx 40% darker and will fade over 5-10 days to leave a very natural colour originally chosen, after 30 days a second treatment is required to ‘finish’ the brows, known as the ‘top-up’.

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Hairstroke/Feathering natural brows/Powdered brows £275

Micro-bading for brows including the topup – £250


Top & Bottom £250
Top or Bottom £175


Lip liner £250
Lip line & Blush £295
Full lip colour £395

1st top-up FREE *within 3 months of 1st treatment

Within 6 months of treatment £75

Colour Refresh within 12 months £95

Colour Refresh within 2 years £150

*Skin test 48 hours before treatment
*Deposit of £50 required at time of booking

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